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Welcome to Mustasharcom

Our Mission

Our mission is to lead with excellence in the IT domain, leveraging superior expertise and innovative technology to empower businesses regionally and globally.

Our Vision

Envisioning a future where technology creates endless possibilities, we aim to be the beacon of innovation and a distinguished entity in the IT sector, driven by creativity and excellence.

Core Values


Upholding honesty and strong moral principles in every action.


Pioneering solutions with creativity and ingenuity.


Ensuring the highest level of satisfaction through tailored solutions.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Mustasharcom for our unparalleled expertise, comprehensive suite of services, and our commitment to future-proof solutions.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Contribute to the era of government innovation.
  • Enhance work environments with cutting-edge ideas.
  • Engage clients in civilizational development.

Our Contact Information

Mobile Number

+971 50 475 4070

Landline Number

+971 26 588 099